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Cider Riot! is dedicated to producing high quality ciders from Cascadian grown apples. With tradition as our guide and
our roots firmly planted in the rich soils of our bioregion, our urban cidery produces refreshing, flavorful ciders.

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Cider Riot! Events


Cider for Beerweek - May 14th - Washington Launch Party during Seattle Beer Week, Schilling Cider House Seattle 5-9pm. Cidermaker Abram Goldman-Armstrong pours samples of Cider Riot!'s dry ciders, plus some limited release draft only specials.

PNW Cider Awards Fest - June 6 - Seattle

Women's World Cup kickoff and Cider Riot! - June 8 - Cocktails Bazi Bierbrasserie, 1522 32nd Ave & Hawthorne, Portland

Fruit Beer Fest - June 12-13th - Portland

Cider Summit Portland - June 18-20

Oregon Cider Week - June 21-28th - signed up for 24th at OMSI Afterdark, Proposed events include; beer dinner, music event, in-store tastings, cider and food pairing flights.

Lavender Festival - June 27-28th - We will be presenting Lavender Cider

Cider Styles

Core Lineup:

Burncider® NOW ON TAP and BOTTLES Around Portland, Eugene, & British Columbia - Dry Draught Cider 6.8% abv - Silver Medal winner in the Portland International Cider Cup 2014 - Inspired by the pub draught ciders of the English West Country, Burncider blends Oregon-grown traditional English cider apples, tart wild apples and dessert apples from Hood River. Just like Portland’s Old Main Drag™, this cider has a rich history and flavorful character.


Video review of our ciders by English drinks and culture magazine The Carouser
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Wild and Free: The Urban Cider Renaissance
Interview with Cider Riot! PSU's Center for Executive & Professional Education

Everybody PogoNOW ON TAP and BOTTLES Around Portland, Eugene, & British Columbia - Scroll the News Feeds for listings and Tasting Events - Hoppy Cider 6.7% abv- A refreshingly dry cider that’s got hops. Our roughcut tribute to football terraces and punk rock shows, dry and quenching with a hint of sweet apple flavor, as organically grown Goldings hops do the pogo dance across your taste buds. A distinctly Oregonian product, Everybody Pogo mates Hood River apples and Willamette Valley hops. Unfiltered and lightly carbonated.

Never Give an InchNOW ON TAP & in BOTTLES Around Portland - Scroll the News Feeds for listings and Tasting Events - Oregon Blackberry Cider 6.9% abv - A testament to determination, hard work, and downright cussedness, Never Give an Inch celebrates the spirit of Oregon. Invasive Himalaya blackberries run riot across the fencelines and fields all across western Oregon. Fire, chemical poisons, machetes, bulldozers, even goats can only beat back their inevitable advance, as they attempt to take over every square inch of cleared land. Luckily their fruits are delicious, juicy, and plentiful, spawning the phrase “as Cascadian as blackberry pie.”
In Never Give an Inch, Oregon blackberries and blackcurrants combine with Hood River and Yakima-grown apples create a tart dry cider with a fruity aroma.

Behind the Barricades™:

- Reserve Line

1763NOW IN BOTTLES Around Portland, Eugene, & British Columbia - Scroll the News Feeds for listings and Tasting Events - Our tribute to those who stand up against the status quo, 1763 commemorates the year of the Cider Riots in the English West Country, when cider lovers rose up and overthrew the nefarious Prime Minister Bute who imposed a tax on cider. 1763 is inspired by the West Country ciders that warranted such passion. Yamhill County grown Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett, & Kingston Black apples lend robust tannins, and rich flavours to a cider that’s worth fighting for.

Seasonal offerings:

Hedgerow FruitsSummer/Fall 2014 - Dry Cider with Black Currants & Italian Plums 6.9% ABV

Plastic PaddyNOW IN BOTTLES Around Portland - Scroll the News Feeds for listings and Tasting Events - an Irish-style cider 6% abv - Plastic Paddy is a fun-loving easy drinking cider released in honor of the 2-litres (4.2 US pints) of Irish cider that Cider Riot! founder and cidermaker Abram Goldman-Armstrong enjoyed so much as a student at University College Cork. American dessert apples lack the characteristic tannins of European cider apples, so in order to replicate the flavor profile of a dry Irish cider, we use Barry’s Gold Blend tea from County Cork to infuse the cider with just enough tannins to balance the natural acids of the Hood River dessert apples used to make it.

Tabor Neighbor™ - a hyper-local urban cider made with apples grown in the North Tabor, Montavilla, and the Mount Tabor neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon. Cider Riot! will involve the community with events such as pressing days for the Tabor Neighbor™ blend, and a traditional English wassail in January.

Blue Oak Specials™

- Hyper limited release small batch ciders.

Meyer Lemon Cider - Super Limited Release on Draft - Try it at the Cider Summit June 20-21, 2014.

Blitzkrieg Hop™ - Fall 2014 - Fresh Hop Cider. Featured at St. Paul Fresh Hop Fest

Bogman's™ Cranberry Brett - Winter 2014 - Oregon cranberries and Brettanomyces grown from the skins of cider apples give Bogman’s a tart funky complexity. A blend of over twenty different apples, three yeasts and aging for over one year make for a deep flavorful cider. Perfect for pairing with a holiday meal, or as a quenching winter tipple.

King of the Bop™ - Fall 2014 - Peach cider fermented with German Hefeweizen yeasts. Featured at St. 2nd Annual Peche Fest

Urban Bounty Raspberry Cider™ - Summer 2014 - A dry cider made with freshly picked spray free Sauvie's Island raspberries.

The Process

Cider Riot! is an urban cidery located in a detached garage off East Burnside Street in Portland's North Tabor neighborhood dedicated to the production of dry ciders. We use a variety of apples grown in Cascadia, including rare English and French cider variety apples, wild apples from Yamhill County, Oregon, and dessert apples from the Yakima and Hood River Valleys. Thanks for visiting Cider Riot!

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