Cider Riot!

Cider Riot! is dedicated to producing high quality ciders from Cascadian grown apples. With tradition as our guide and our roots firmly planted in the rich soils of our bioregion, our urban cidery produces refreshing, flavorful ciders.

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Cider Riot! Pub - Now Open

Tasting Room • Public House

Cider Riot! Pub: 807 NE Couch, Portland, Oregon 97232

Weekdays: 4-11pm
Tuesday: Closed
Saturday & Sunday: 12-11pm

• Weekday Happy Hours 4-6pm •
• Service Industry (OLCC or Food Handlers permit) Mondays 8-11pm •
• Union Happy Hour Sundays 4-7pm •

Cider Riot! Events

 • DARTS - Wednesdays, 7pm-9pm - We're still recruiting doubles for our house league through the Portland Area Darts Association. Grab a friend and sign up!

 • Bridgetown Morris Men - Wednesdays, 9 PM - 11 PM: 8/02, 8/09, 8/16, 8/23 Free.

 • Lemmy's Summer Camp: Axe Throwing with Timber Jim - Saturday, August 12 at 12:30 PM: Join Cider Riot! in welcoming Timber Jim to the taproom! For two short hours this Portland legend will be teaching us how to throw axes out on our patio (with ample padding and precautions taken, of course). We'll wrap up just in time for the Toronto FC vs. Portland Timbers match, playing in the taproom on our big screen (with sound!). As always, 107ISTs receive happy hour discounts on cider pints throughout the match. Impress your friends with a new party trick and Earn Your Merit Badges! Free. Read more...

 • Laugh Riot! Comedy Open Mic - Thursday, August 17 at 8:30 PM: More info coming soon.

 • The KBOO Book and Record Sale! - Saturday, August 19 at 12 PM - 6 PM: The KBOO Book and Record Sale, at Cider Riot!, is your one-stop shop for rare and funky collectables at bargain-basement prices! All proceeds to go Portland's original community radio station. Not only will there be fabulous books, DVDs, cds, and vinyl to grab at ridiculously low prices, but it will also be a madcap fun community event. Come dig through our stacks and crates, find new-to-you treasures, and grab a cider - all to benefit good radio made for the good our our community! Read more...

 • SAVAGES STAND-UP COMEDY SHOW - Thursday, August 24 at 8 PM - 10 PM: A new monthly comedy showcase at Cider Riot featuring some of Portland's best.

Cider Riot! Announcements

Introducing Our New Cider:

Everyday™ Semi-Dry Cider 6% abv

Gluten Free - Sulfite Free - Vegan - Raw - Low Carbohydrate

Bronze for New World Cider, Class 18 (medium dry/dry) at the Bath & West International Cider Competition 2017

 Cider Riot! is proud to present the sessionable apple cider for all day: Everyday! Apples grown in lush orchards in the shadows of the Great Northwest's Cascade Range are pressed and fermented to create Everyday, with a mild sweetness balanced by a bright crispness evocative of the first crunchy bite of an apple fresh from the tree.

This New World cider boasts aromas of sliced peach, light tropical fruit and harvest-ripe apples, and flavors of fresh apple, rife with crisp, refreshing acids and a mild sweetness perfect for any time of day. An easy-drinker, Everyday has a light apple flavor, mild sweetness, and a refreshingly crisp finish.

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Cider Styles

‹ Core Lineup:

Burncider® NOW ON TAP and BOTTLES - Dry Draught Cider 6.8% abv
⊙ Silver Medal winner in the Portland International Cider Cup 2014
- Inspired by the pub draught ciders of the English West Country, Burncider blends Oregon-grown traditional English cider apples, tart wild apples and dessert apples from Hood River. Just like Portland’s Old Main Drag™, this cider has a rich history and flavorful character.

Everybody PogoNOW ON TAP and BOTTLES - Scroll the News Feeds for Tasting Events - Hoppy Cider 6.7% abv - A refreshingly dry cider that’s got hops. Our roughcut tribute to football terraces and punk rock shows, dry and quenching with a hint of sweet apple flavor, as organically grown Goldings hops do the pogo dance across your taste buds. A distinctly Oregonian product, Everybody Pogo mates Hood River apples and Willamette Valley hops. Unfiltered and lightly carbonated.

Everyday™ Semi-Dry Cider 6% abv

Gluten Free - Sulfite Free - Vegan - Raw - Low Carbohydrate

Bronze for New World Cider, Class 18 (medium dry/dry) at the Bath & West International Cider Competition 2017

 Cider Riot! is proud to present the sessionable apple cider for all day: Everyday! Apples grown in lush orchards in the shadows of the Great Northwest's Cascade Range are pressed and fermented to create Everyday, with a mild sweetness balanced by a bright crispness evocative of the first crunchy bite of an apple fresh from the tree.

This New World cider boasts aromas of sliced peach, light tropical fruit and harvest-ripe apples, and flavors of fresh apple, rife with crisp, refreshing acids and a mild sweetness perfect for any time of day. An easy-drinker, Everyday has a light apple flavor, mild sweetness, and a refreshingly crisp finish.

Never Give an InchNOW ON TAP & BOTTLES - Oregon Blackberry Cider 6.9% abv - A testament to determination, hard work, and downright cussedness, Never Give an Inch celebrates the spirit of Oregon. Invasive Himalaya blackberries run riot across the fencelines and fields all across western Oregon. Fire, chemical poisons, machetes, bulldozers, even goats can only beat back their inevitable advance, as they attempt to take over every square inch of cleared land. Luckily their fruits are delicious, juicy, and plentiful, spawning the phrase “as Cascadian as blackberry pie.” In Never Give an Inch, Oregon blackberries and blackcurrants combine with Hood River and Yakima-grown apples create a tart dry cider with a fruity aroma.

‹ Behind the Barricades™:

- Reserve Line

Bronze for Traditional cider, Class 17 (Medium dry/dry) at the Bath & West International Cider Competition 2017
2016 Gold Medal Winner (and runner-up for the coveted Portland International Cider Cup)
Ranked #2 in the Traditional Apple Category in Sip magazine's Best of the NW competition 2015.
- Our tribute to those who stand up against the status quo, 1763 commemorates the year of the Cider Riots in the English West Country, when cider lovers rose up and overthrew the nefarious Prime Minister Bute who imposed a tax on cider. 1763 is inspired by the West Country ciders that warranted such passion. Yamhill County grown Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinett, & Kingston Black apples lend robust tannins, and rich flavours to a cider that’s worth fighting for.

‹ Action Growlers™: 2 Liter Flagon

- Seasonal offerings

Plastic Paddy™ - an Irish-style cider 6% abv - Plastic Paddy is a fun-loving easy drinking cider released in honor of the 2-litres (4.2 US pints) of Irish cider that Cider Riot! founder and cidermaker Abram Goldman-Armstrong enjoyed so much as a student at University College Cork. American dessert apples lack the characteristic tannins of European cider apples, so in order to replicate the flavor profile of a dry Irish cider, we use Barry’s Gold Blend tea from County Cork to infuse the cider with just enough tannins to balance the natural acids of the Hood River dessert apples used to make it.

Lemmy's Summer Camp™ - Meyer Lemon Cider. Lemmy’s Summer Camp is for grown up riot grrls and misfit boys who know how to make the most out of Cascadia’s great outdoors. Meyer lemon zest gives Lemmy’s Summer Camp dry cider a bite, like a jump in a glacier-fed lake, making it the perfect companion for all your summertime activities. Enter our Summer Photo Contest to Earn Merit Badges and win Free embroidered patches.

Rudy's™ Cranberry Hibiscus cider 6% abv - We invite you to don your most festive cardigan, drop the needle on the hifi and crack open a frosty flagon of our Rudy's cranberry hibiscus cider cocktail. Made with cold-pessed Northwest cranberry juice from Starvation Alley Cranberry farms, and local apples, accented with Mexican hibiscus flowers, Rudy's is sure to bring a sparkle to you evening.

‹ Black Bloc™:

- Super Limited Relase Line

Our Black Bloc Series™ ciders are our most hardcore and intense, and apt to disappear into the crowd before you know it. These super limited edition ciders use rare apples varieties, traditional techniques and extended aging. Limited to a few cases per release, Black Bloc ciders are available only while supplies last. The Black Bloc Series embodies our love and reverence for the cider apple. Though they are all dressed the same in black ink and cherrywood labels, each of these ciders represent a broad spectrum of flavors and diversity of cidermaking techniques.

Bogman’s™ Cranberry Brettanomyces cider - SOLD OUT - Bogman’s is a blend of over twenty different cider and dessert apple varieties aged for a year on natural brettanomyces from the orchard where the apples were grown. Oregon cranberries were added to add a touch of acidity to balance the flavors of the brett. The cider was then allowed to bottle condition for nine months, to achieve a smooth round carbonation. It’s been a long road from the initial pressing in 2013 to your glass in 2015, so savor the complexity of this Black Bloc cider before it vanishes.

Kingston Black™ - NOW IN BOTTLES - Single varietal cider made from the exquisite Kingston Black apple. Perfection in a bottle. Rare and not to be missed.

Pinot Barrel-Aged Burncider™ - NOW IN BOTTLES - Blends of Oregon-grown traditional English cider apples, tart wild apples, and dessert apples from Hood River aged in pinot barrels.

San Patricios Tequila Barrel Aged Irish-Style Cider™ - 6.2% abv - NOW IN BOTTLES - After 6 months in a fresh Mexican tequila barrel our Irish-Style cider is revved up and ready for action. Dedicated to those who fight for freedom and against injustice, this cider allies spicy, fresh tequila notes with stalwart French and American oak tannins from the barrel. Born a rebel, the San Patricios will die just the same. With less than 100 cases produced be sure to get yours before the battle is over.

Slam DanceSummer 2017 - Our In the Pit Peach-Apricot cider spent eight months maturing in a second use tequila barrel to create Slam Dance. Limited to 17 cases, this cider won't last any longer than a hardcore song, so get yours today. The stonefruit aromas dominate the aroma, and subtle barrel and tequila notes lend nuance to Slam Dance. Subtle acidity balances the complex flavors of apple, stone fruit and grassy tequila notes.

‹ Blue Oak Specials™:

- Hyper limited release small batch ciders.

Blitzkrieg HopFall 2014 & 2016 - Fresh Hop Cider. Featured at St. Paul Fresh Hop Fest

Blossom & BlissWinter/Spring, Summer 2017 - Orange-Vanilla Creamsicle Cider 6.9% abv - Our sense of smell invokes great reflection, and our sense of taste can propel us through time and space, to a place of great comfort and happiness. Chasing the ice cream truck down the street was a highlight of many summer days. Orange blossom water and orange peels marry bourbon vanilla to Northwestern apples to create the illusion of sweetness on the nose, and a delicious, tart treat for the tongue.

Chaos de TejasSummer/Fall 2016 6.9% abv - A melee of blood orange and Oregon grown Amarillo hops, married with Cascadian grown apple, Chaos De Tejas resonates with angst and rebellion. This dry, citrusy offering reflects the Cidermakers time spent in Austin, Texas; wrecking shop on stage along side the many.

Cidre de Francois Xavier MatthieuSummer/Fall 2015, Winter/Spring 2017 - F. X. Matthieu AKA "the Boss of Butteville™" Is a fruity cider made with Leavy's X-17 experimental hop, which lends its fruity tropical notes to the aroma and flavor. This cider is dedicated to F.X. Matthieu, a Quebecois revolutionary, and one of the original founders of the Republic of Oregon at Champoeg in 1843. Matthieu went on to run the Butteville store. In 1979 Cider Riot!'s Izaak Butler was born in Butteville. Raise a glass to Oregon's revolutionary tradition!

Civil TwilightSpring/Summer 2017 Plum Cider 6.9% abv - Like the rosé wines typically released this time of year, this cider is light and fresh. Hood River Valley plums lend a fruity, floral character and a beautiful rosy color. The initial offering directed a portion of sales of this cider to benefit the Oregon Brewshed Alliance, a branch of Oregon Wild, raising awareness of and funds for the conversation of out state's pristine watersheds through the craft beverage industry. Raise a pint to clean water!

Dry/Sweet LordSpring/Summer 2017 Dark fruit cider 6.9% abv- Featured at Fruit Cider Invitational, part of Oregon Cider Week 2017

Fresh Cherries for a Rotting DemocracySpring 2017 6.9% abv - An homage to the Dead Kennedys' album, this cider is being released posthumously from our dearly departed cidermaker Phillip Roehner (he's brewing up at Loowit these days if you miss him and want to say 'Hi', like we do, everyday, miss you buddy!) Fresh cherries and flaked coconut give this dry cider a candy nose with a rich mouthfeel, and our signature dry finish.

Good For The GanderSummer 2017 6.9% abv - Inspired by classic Elderflower Gooseberry cocktails, the light floral aroma leads into a cider that shows off the acidity of the gooseberries.

Hedgerow FruitsSummer/Fall 2014 - Dry Cider with Black Currants & Italian Plums 6.9% abv

In The PitSummer/Fall 2016 Dry Cider with Stone Fruit 6.9% abv- The volume is cranked, your throat is raw from screaming, your body is soaked in sweat from moshing all evening. The Cider Riot! crew smashes everything in their wake during a punk show mosh pit, and we smashed everything but the pits in these fruits to bring this delicious cider to full volume for your enjoyment. We like our apples loud and proud, and they are the venue for this show; a launch pad for the stage-diving apricots and fist-pounding peaches that make this cider so refreshing. Brisk acidity, light carbonation, and summer fruit overtones make this thirst quencher great for warm evenings and long summer nights, loud sets, and riot vests! Beat the heat, and make for a pint of In The Pit before last call puts you back on the street!

Lullaby of LondonSpring 2017 A tribute to Belmont Station 6.9% -
Best Five New Oregon Ciders of 2017 - Willamette Week
- An aromatic thirst-quenching cider, Lullaby of London spent six months in Ransom gin barrels that once held wine and most recently were occupied by Gigantic Brewing Co. Pipewrench IPA. Lullaby of London is our salute to Belmont Station's 20 years of craft beverage inspiration.

King of the BopFall 2014 - Peach cider fermented with German Hefeweizen yeasts. Featured at St. 2nd Annual Peche Fest

King Philip's KnickersSummer 2017 9.0% abv - A cranberry cider fortified with English bittersweet cider apple concentrate. This Imperial Cider is like a red flannel union suit, cozy and enduring.

Lavender Revolution CiderSummer 2015 6.9% abv - Crisp flavor and invigorating aroma bring Cascadian grown apples to new heights of sensory bliss, as the marriage of freshly harvested Lavender from Oregon Lavender Farms steeps lovingly in Cider Riot!'s latest incarnation of Lavender Revolution. It's a dance - a waltz if you will - a three part process combining a tender hand and a graceful step with careful timing to create a soft, spicy aromatic experience with a dry, fruity apple cider flavor. The tannins tug gently at the cheek as the ale yeast provides a creamy, medium-bodied mouthfeel to savor longingly before swallowing. In Oregon, June is a month to relax, smell the Flora, and enjoy a crisp, dry cider from your favorite local cidery, Cider Riot! Featured at Lavender Festival

Le Scrumpy de NormanSummer 2017 % abv - In honor of Bastille Day we offer our original ode to French style cider.

P.H.O.G.Winter/Spring 2017 6.9% abv - Pineapple Hops Orange & Guava

Pirate's CastleSpring 2017 6.9% abv - Fermented with grapefruit puree, aged on zest of fresh grapefruit, sweet & bitter orange peel (spent gin botanicals from a local distillery). Finished with a bit of pink Himalayan salt. Debuted at the 2017 Fruit Beer Fest.and shown during Oregon Cider Week: Fruit Cider Invitational.

OpalFall 2016 - S.A.S.H.™ (Single Apple, Single Hop) Opal Apples with Opal Hops 7.4% abv

PomageddonWinter/Spring 2017 - Pomegranate 6.9% abv

Rings of Fire Pineapple Ginger CiderSpring/Summer 2017 - Featured at Fruit Cider Invitational, part of Oregon Cider Week 2017

A Strong & Passionate FruitSpring 2017 - 6.9% abv - Brought to you straight from the really great brain of our cidermaker Angie Watkins, this dry apple cider is like a tropical island vacation in a glass. Passionfruit is combined with our dessert apple juice prior to fermenting, so all the sugars from the added fruit are fermented out. The result is a bright, tart, fruit-forward cider that is still dry, crisp, and refreshing. Close your eyes and believe in summer!

Urban Bounty Raspberry CiderSummer 2014 - A dry cider made with freshly picked spray free Sauvie's Island raspberries.

The Yeast of YamhillSummer 2016 - 7.2% abv - A creature of myth and legend is revealed to be alive and well, and right in our midst! A Native Oregonian beast of pure instinct, yet possessing a refined palatability and robust complexities nearly incomprehensible to our civilized nature. The Yeast comes lumbering out from the dense mossy forests of Yamhill County, with its loping gait and massive stature. A wild yeast strain was captured and cultured to ferment this dry, complex cider, now put on display to be probed by the discerning palates of the ravenous public. Can we contain it? Likely not, as its strength keeps us at somewhat a disadvantage. But, if we can just harness its power...

‹ Collaborations:

- With Local Brewers and Cidermakers.

Ciderkin™ - Collaboration with Reverend Nat's Fall 2015/2016 - Making ciderkin is the traditional cidermaking technique of re-wetting the spent pomace after the first pressing of juice is extracted from the apple. This batch of apples came from the legendary White Oak Cider orchard in Yamhill County Oregon and consists of the varieties: Yarlington Mill, Kingston Black, Dabinett, Harry Master's Jersey, Muscadet de Lense and Muscadet de Bernay. 2.9% abv

Snakebite™ - Collaboration with Gigantic and Beaus All Natural Brewing Spring/Summer 2016 - Snakebite really is 2/3 Kölsch and 1/3 cider fermented together with a touch of black currant. The result is light and effervescent, with a cidery fruit character, light hoppiness and a tart, fruity finish. Posh Spice loves to drink snakebites! 5.6% abv

Trade Route™ - Collaboration with Clutch Coffee Roasters Winter/Spring 2017 - Rum-Oaked Irish-Style Cider w/ Sumatran Coffee 5.6% abv - Your trip around the globe begins in sunny Oregon, where Northwestern apples are pressed into crisp delicious juice and delivered to the cellars of Cider Riot! The juice is then fermented out as our Irish-Style cider, steeped on Irish Golden Tea, then aged on oaked-rum until a softness of body and acids is obtained. Then the roasting skills of our friends at Clutch Coffee are tested with a fine Sumatran bean, and a delicious cold-brew is created to compliment the profile of the cider. The result is a complex, delicious testament to the sailors who once traversed the seas to trade spices, and other goods, whilst consuming tea and rum aboard the majestic sailing vessels of the time.

Twigs -N- Berries™ - Collaboration with Portland Cider Co. Spring/Summer 2017 - Huckleberry & Spruce Tip Cider. This cider took Bronze at the Oregon Brewshed Alliance Brewfest. Wild mountain huckleberries and fresh spruce tips make this dry fruit cider like a walk in an unsullied Cascadian forest. 6.9% abv

WTF! There's Palms In #PDXNOW™ - Collaboration with Reverend Nat's Spring 2017 - Created for CollaboFest. Made at Cider Riot in collaboration with Reverend Nat's. Clean, traditional blended fermentation cider with wild palm syrup. 12% abv

The Process

Cider Riot! is an urban cidery dedicated to the production of dry ciders. We use a variety of apples grown in Cascadia, including rare English and French cider variety apples, wild apples from Yamhill County, Oregon, and dessert apples from the Yakima and Hood River Valleys. Thanks for visiting Cider Riot!


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